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Who We Are ?

The Egyptian federation for institutions, investors, non-governmental organization, not-for-profit other number (12) of the year 2003 in Cairo, and works in the shadow of the law of civil associations and institutions (No. 84) of 2002, and to represent and support the business community, encourage investment, and to defend the interests of investors, and contribute in solving their problems with various government agencies, and representation locally, regionally and internationally, with the aim of improving the investment and business environment in Egypt, providing the best favourable conditions to attract investment and development.

It also provides studies, consultancy, technical, administrative, and financing and marketing and environmental, In addition to data and statistics mission through a comprehensive database, and in the convening and organizing of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and various training programs both internally and externally, as well as cares about the activities of the various educational through the National Centre for Human Resources Development of the Union, which serves the associations, investors, cities and adjacent areas, with the aim of upgrading the education and training community in general, for the sake of a better future for all, and to see the Union in Egypt to be the castle of investment and industry, and attracting investment.


Our Mission

the Egyptian Union for investors the biggest civil unions, where contains (60)the Association of investors on the level of Arab Republic of Egypt, with more than (40) thousand industrial enterprises, which employ at least 6 million workers, representing all sectors of the investment industry. It has become the subject of investment topics, which occupies an important place and essential in the priorities of economic studies, financial and banking, administrative and other disciplines that are interested in Developments structural that experienced by developed societies. These developments have been accompanied by a similar development in the study of investment and its various fields. So show the importance of the study especially for developing countries that should be concerned more with the topics and tools investment is the most appropriate and beneficial for these groups, through improving the efficiency of these investments, with a view to maximize the returns achieved by following ways to ensure increased savings by citizens and then directing savings towards areas of different investments, and choose the tools that helpTo create real added value to the national economy.

Our Vision

the Egyptian Union for investors during the previous years, it is a key partner in the process of supporting the national economy being the most important associations working in the field of investment in the region, the union is one of the most powerful products effective that we cast a great burden in carrying responsibility's economic and social construction of the modern republic, and we as members appreciate this responsibility and strive to complete them as one team. Perhaps if we look at the major achievements that the capacity of the Union to participate in support of the national economy we find it is the build status of the document include the urgent action procedure to dismiss the industry of pitfalls, as well as his adoption of the project of the national situation the new levels will be in his proposals to solve chronic problems in Najwa level and Delta and all the industrial cities as well as to invite all the Arab and foreign investors to invest in Egypt, in addition to his quest to the hard to heal the rift with the African continent, and to find investment opportunities mixed with many of the countries in this continent the eldest of which came to meet the call of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The level of Industrial has been the Union's significant role in the small and medium industries development cooperation with the Social Fund for development, as well as make it the parent company of the assignee the responsibility of rationalization of the energy source, and claim the need to establish a manufacturer and a product on par with rival foreign to improve competitiveness, in addition to the adoption of the Union the establishment of an Egyptian shareholding company to implement the level with a capital of a million pounds and to support the development project of the Suez Canal Zone with a capital of a million pounds, and let in the rest of the company's initial public offering.